U.S. Patients

Certified Orthodontist in Niagara Falls Ontario

Kamatovic Orthodontics welcomes all United States based patients!

Kamatovic Orthodontics strives to provide excellence in orthodontic care on both sides of the border. Our clinical expertise, convenient hours, including evenings, and facility make your orthodontic experience a worthwhile one.

Many U.S.-based clients have benefited from our care over the years. Our convenient location is minutes from the Rainbow bridge, the Whirlpool bridge or the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge.

We accept U.S.-based insurance and provide US exchange rates.

Should you have any questions about receiving care at our office, please feel free to contact us.

Visit the Niagara Peninsula

Kamatovic Orthodontics Niagara office is located within the vibrant Niagara Peninsula famous for its waterfalls, beaches, escarpment, fruit farms, rolling hills and wineries. There is plenty to see and do regardless of the time of year and is a popular vacation destination.

Visiting a certified orthodontist in Ontario doesn’t need to be a chore. The Niagara Peninsula is full of activities, attractions and sights for both families and couples alike. With a lively nightlife and beautiful parks, there is something for everyone.

Border Directions

Kamatovic Orthodontics Niagara office is conveniently located minutes from three different border crossings from the United States. While there is plenty to explore within the Niagara Peninsula, we’d like you to find your way to us without any unexpected sightseeing.

Rainbow Bridge

Queenston-Lewiston Bridge

Whirlpool Bridge