Dr. Michael Kamatovic

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Dr. Michael Kamatovic

Certified Orthodontic Specialist

Born and raised in the Niagara Peninsula, Dr. Kamatovic received his Bachelor of Science from Yale University, his Dental Degree from University of Pennsylvania, and his Orthodontic Specialist Degree from University of Toronto.

As a Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Kamatovic completed an additional 3 years of University residency training in Orthodontics after dental school. It’s only those that complete this training that can call themselves Orthodontists. It is this training that allows him to provide the best orthodontic results for his patients!

An avid athlete, Dr. Kamatovic’s interests include hockey, golf and soccer. He played varsity hockey (NCAA) for Yale University while completing his undergraduate studies. His team won the Ivy League Hockey Championship in 1992.

Dr. Kamatovic lives in Niagara with his wife Elissa and their two children: Sophie and Michael Jr.

  • The Canadian Association of Orthodontists
  • The Ontario Association of Orthodontists
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • Ontario Dental Association
  • Niagara Peninsula Dental Association
  • Royal College of Dentists of Canada
  • Fellowship of Royal College of Dentists of Canada
  • Toronto Orthodontic Study Club
  • Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce