Ortho Help

Most orthodontic problems are manageable with the following tips. If you are experiencing a true medical/dental emergency, please report to the nearest ER/Urgent care for immediate assistance.

After hours, please text the AFTER HOURS TEXT HELP.

We will be happy to help guide you through problems as needed. It’s important to get problems repaired quickly to avoid delays in your treatment time.

sharp-wirePlace wax on wire.
eraserTuck wire in with end of pencil eraser or clip wire with nail clipper.
bad-bracketPlace wax on bracket.
If brace is securely attached to wire, then leave in place. If brace is not securely attached to wire, then carefully remove brace.
Carefully remove elastic from mouth.
If wire is secure, then leave in place. If wire is not secure, then carefully remove wire.
Take an over-the-counter pain reliever (Tylenol, if not allergic) per the container’s instructions.
Warm salt water rinse (1/2 tsp salt, 8oz water). Swish and spit 2-3 times a day.
Call office for repair or replacement.
Call office for repair or replacement.

Now with doxy.me available.

Need help? Have a treatment question? Existing patients with treatment questions can chat directly with Dr. Mike. Follow the steps below to set up your personal video chat.

For those looking for help with services, appointments, hours, directions or any other questions, please reach us using our Contact page .

  • Text our Emergency Hotline and request a meeting or email kamatovicweb@gmail.com
  • You will be emailed a doxy.me meeting link
  • Follow the directions to your doxy.me meeting with Dr. Mike!