Metal Braces


With Master Series braces you’ll be proud to smile both during and after your treatment! That’s because Master Series helps your orthodontist straighten your teeth quickly and in the best way possible. Their unique design means a smaller, more comfortable bracket. And the wide range of colour choices for the little bands holding your wire in place means you can even have a little fun and show off your braces with pride. So go ahead and smile!


You’ve heard all the rumors about braces and maybe you’re a little nervous. But don’t worry! Wearing braces is simply part of the path to getting you the smile you deserve. That path is even smoother when you’re wearing Master Series, one of the world’s most popular brands of braces. For decades, orthodontists in more than 100 countries have been using Master Series to help straighten smiles. Each bracket is designed with patented, leading edge features that keep your comfort and your orthodontist’s treatment goals in mind.


    Master Series utilizes patented Diagonal Torque and Diagonal Angulation technology to give your orthodontist precise control over how your teeth are moved into place. This technology keeps the forces that straighten your smile over the center of the tooth, which means your teeth accurately get to where they need to go.


    There’s no question – wearing braces means you have pieces of metal in your mouth, so it’s important your braces are small and smooth. Master Series braces don’t stick up very far, and their smooth, rounded edges are designed to be less irritating against the inside of your cheeks and lips. A smaller bracket is also easier to keep clean. And let’s face it – a smaller bracket also means there’s less metal to be seen on your teeth!


    Having to make an emergency visit to the orthodontist because a bracket pops off your tooth is no fun. Master Series’ patented Maximum Retention™ bonding pads fit your teeth like a glove. So when Master Series braces go on your teeth, they stay on.


Now while your orthodontist is in control of your treatment, you have the freedom to add your personal touch! The little coloured bands that hold your arch wire in place, called ligatures, allow you to express yourself! Flash some holiday colors. Show your school spirit! Just go wild and let your true colors show! The options are endless! Remember, you and your orthodontist are both working towards the same goal – your ideal smile! Just as you trust your orthodontist to straighten your teeth, they are trusting Master Series to help them do it right. And that’s something to smile about!