Professionally Fabricated Custom-Made Mouthguards At An Affordable Price in the Niagara Peninsula

Custom Mouthguards

  • Professionally made for custom fit!
  • Improve oxygen intake!
  • Custom-fit shock-absorbing surface!
  • Laminated material for superior strength.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance!
  • Now with StrataGuard – put your name and logo on the Guard!

Niagara Peninsula Sports Mouthguard Program

Our office initiated the Niagara Peninsula Sports Mouthguard Program and we continue to fabricate all mouthguards in our office lab. “The Program” is a co-operative effort between Kamatovic Orthodontics and many dentists in the Niagara Region to provide a valuable community service.

The mandate of the program is to reduce the risk of injury during athletic competition to the lips, mouth, teeth and head by offering a professionally fabricated custom-made mouthguard at an affordable price. Patients have experienced the benefits of a professionally made custom-fit mouthguard at prices less than stock boil and bites!

Kamatovic Orthodontics will provide a complimentary custom-made mouthguard to our patients when their braces are removed to protect their winning smile. Mouthguards are also complimentary to their immediate family!

Even if you are not a current orthodontic patient, our office continues to make custom-made mouthguards for all ages! We work with many local sports associations within the Niagara Falls, Welland and Fort Erie area to co-host mouthguard clinics.

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