Appointment Arrival Instructions – St. Catharines

We are asking that every patient follow these guidelines for the arrival of their orthodontic appointment for the health and safety of themselves and staff.

  2. Brush your teeth at home for 5 minutes to make sure your teeth are clean and healthy. Our tooth brushing station is temporarily closed
  3. Check your braces – any braces loose or broken? If you have a breakage that we are not aware of in advance, we will have to reschedule the repair.
  4. Use the bathroom before your appointment. Our bathroom is temporarily closed.
  5. Our staff will be wearing extra PPE so our office will be cold. Dress accordingly.
  6. Wash your hands before coming to the appointment.
  7. Do not drink anything warm before the appointment. It can alter your temperature.
  8. We are asking that the adult accompanying our patient remain in their car. Our reception area will be closed. Appointment times will be spread out to permit fewer patients at a time.
  9. When you have arrived call us (905) 397-5885
  10. We will let you know when we are ready to have you enter. We will open the door for you.
  11. All patients must bring their own facemasks/face coverings. You will not be permitted entry without one.
  12. Enter through the front door.
  13. Our greeter will welcome you, take your temperature, ask a few health screening questions and instruct you to use hand sanitizer.
  14. If your temperature is 100 or greater, we cannot see you for your appointment and recommend you notify your physician.
  15. We will call you when the patient is being sent out.
  16. We will call you for a follow-up appointment.
  17. Our waiting room will follow social distancing
  18. Patients will need to wear their facemask/covering until they are seated for their orthodontic adjustment
  19. Unfortunately, our beverage station is temporarily closed.

Thank you for your understanding.